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Ed Nava, a multifaceted individual, is widely recognized for his roles as a model, commercial actor, entrepreneur, and men’s stylist. As the proud owner of the thriving @navamensstyle8712 YouTube channel, Ed has successfully carved a niche for himself in the digital realm. His dynamic career is not only marked by versatility but also substantial financial success, as he commands a substantial income from his various professional pursuits.

Ed Nava’s journey is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to excel in diverse fields within the entertainment and fashion industries. Today we’re going to cover Ed Nava net worth, Personal Life, wife, age, height, and other interesting facts.

Ed Nava Net Worth

Ed Nava, a multifaceted individual renowned for his accomplishments as a model, commercial actor, entrepreneur, and men’s stylist, has carved a niche for himself in the world of fashion and entertainment. With a deep passion for his craft, Ed has not only showcased his talents in various modeling projects and commercial endeavors but has also ventured into entrepreneurship, establishing a significant presence in the industry.

As the proud owner of the @navamensstyle8712 YouTube channel, Ed has utilized this platform to share his insights, fashion expertise, and entrepreneurial journey with a global audience. Known for his unwavering dedication to his work, Ed Nava has earned a reputation for being a sincere and hardworking professional, consistently delivering excellence in all his endeavors.

Reflecting his achievements and the recognition he has garnered throughout his career, Ed’s net worth currently stands at an impressive 7 million dollars, a testament to his success and influence in the realms of modeling, acting, entrepreneurship, and men’s fashion. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals seeking to make a mark in the dynamic and competitive world of entertainment and style.

  • Net Worth: $7 Million
  • Yearly Income: $350k
  • Monthly Income: $35k
  • Daily Income: $1k
Ed Nava
Ed Nava

At a Glance About Ed Nava


Real Name Ed Nava
Nick Name Ed Nava
Profession Model, Commercial Actor, Entrepreneur, Men’s Stylist, Life Coach and TikTok Creator
Age 51 Years
Height In feet: 5’9”
Weight In Kilograms: 72 kg
Relationship Not Found
Children Not Found
Parents Info Not available
Facebook ID https://www.facebook.com/p/Ed-Nava-100073688886276/
Instagram ID https://www.instagram.com/ednava82/
Whatsapp Number Not Found
Twitter Account Not Found
Linkedin Account Not Found

Family & Early life

Ed Nava’s early life was marked by a profound sense of joy and connection. Growing up, he cherished the simple pleasures of spending time with friends and immersing himself in the captivating world of movies. These early experiences laid the foundation for his deep-rooted passion for the arts and entertainment.

Ed’s enthusiasm for life extended beyond leisurely pursuits, as he was inherently driven and dedicated from a young age. His early years were indicative of a person who approached life with sincerity and commitment. Ed was not only an individual with a zest for life but also harbored ambitious dreams of becoming a Model, Commercial Actor, and Entrepreneur. His unwavering determination and passion for his chosen pursuits were evident from the outset.

Moreover, Ed was blessed with a beautiful family, and together, they created lasting memories by embarking on trips that etched unforgettable moments into their collective history. These familial bonds and shared experiences contributed to the rich tapestry of Ed Nava’s early life, shaping the person he would become in the realms of modeling, acting, and entrepreneurship.

Ed Nava Wife

Ed Nava is fortunate to have a beautiful and supportive wife by his side, making him a truly lucky individual. Their relationship is characterized by unwavering support, as they navigate through every single moment of life together. In Ed’s perspective, his wife plays a pivotal role in his achievements and successes. He acknowledges that without her constant support, he might not have been able to reach his goals.

Their partnership extends beyond mere companionship, evolving into a dynamic alliance where they uplift and encourage each other to overcome challenges and celebrate victories. Ed’s thoughts are a testament to the strength of their bond, illustrating how the synergy between them contributes significantly to his personal and professional growth. It’s evident that Ed Nava and his wife share a profound connection, creating a foundation of love and support that enriches every facet of their lives.


Ed Nava is a distinguished individual whose educational journey has been marked by excellence and achievement. He embarked on his academic pursuit by completing his graduation from an esteemed university, showcasing a keen dedication to his studies. Subsequently, he pursued and successfully attained a master’s degree from another reputable university, further solidifying his commitment to academic excellence.

Ed’s academic records are nothing short of brilliant, reflecting his intellect, diligence, and passion for learning. Beyond the confines of the classroom, he actively engaged in co-curricular activities during his free time, demonstrating a holistic approach to education. Ed’s amiable personality and exceptional academic prowess earned him the admiration and love of all his teachers, creating a positive and conducive learning environment.

It was during his educational journey that Ed began to contemplate his true passion, paving the way for his foray into the realms of modeling, commercial acting, and entrepreneurship. With a solid foundation in education and a clear vision for his future, Ed Nava seamlessly transitioned from his academic pursuits to carve a successful path as a model, commercial actor, and entrepreneur, embodying the essence of a well-rounded and accomplished individual.

Professional Life

Ed Nava’s professional life is a testament to his relentless pursuit of success in diverse fields. As a prominent figure in the realms of modeling, commercial acting, entrepreneurship, men’s styling, life coaching, and TikTok content creation, he has carved a niche for himself as one of the most accomplished individuals in these industries.

Ed is not just a multi-talented individual; he is also the proud owner of the renowned @navamensstyle8712 Youtube channel, where he shares insights into men’s fashion and style. His journey to the top has been marked by unwavering dedication and hard work, reflecting a deep commitment to achieving excellence in all his endeavors.

Ed’s success is not merely a result of chance; it is rooted in his passion for what he does. His professional trajectory serves as an inspiration to many aspiring individuals, showcasing the transformative power of following one’s passions and putting in the necessary effort to realize one’s dreams. Ed Nava’s story is a testament to the belief that with determination, resilience, and a genuine love for one’s craft, remarkable heights can be reached in the professional landscape.


In conclusion, Ed Nava has undoubtedly carved a lucrative niche for himself in the realms of modeling, commercial acting, entrepreneurship, and men’s styling. His multifaceted career has not only brought him professional acclaim but has also translated into substantial financial success.

With a commendable net worth estimated at $7 million, Ed Nava’s earnings reflect the fruits of his dedication and skill in various domains. His ability to thrive in the competitive worlds of fashion, advertising, and business speaks volumes about his versatility and resilience. As a model, commercial actor, entrepreneur, and men’s stylist, Ed Nava stands as a testament to the rewards that come with hard work, talent, and a keen entrepreneurial spirit.

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