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Steve Mauro, renowned in the financial world as an elite trader and FOREX expert, has carved out a formidable reputation as the owner of Market Maker’s ForEx. With expertise in retail trading and an acute understanding of market dynamics, Mauro has amassed a substantial net worth through his lucrative career.

His proficiency in navigating the complexities of the foreign exchange market has propelled him to financial success, earning him a prominent position among industry leaders. Today we’re going to cover Steve Mauro net worth, Personal Life, wife, age, height, and other interesting facts.

Steve Mauro Net Worth

Steve Mauro, renowned as an elite trader and a distinguished expert in the world of FOREX, has etched his name as a prominent figure in the financial markets. With a background as a retail trader, Mauro has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in navigating the complexities of the foreign exchange market.

As the owner of Market Maker’s ForEx, he has established himself as a key player in the industry, demonstrating a deep understanding of market dynamics and a keen insight into trading strategies. Known for his dedication and sincerity towards his profession, Steve Mauro has consistently displayed a commitment to excellence, earning him respect among his peers and followers alike.

As of the latest available information, Steve Mauro’s net worth stands at an impressive $5 million, a testament to his success in the ever-evolving world of financial trading. His journey from a retail trader to an elite expert reflects not only financial prowess but also a passion for the intricacies of the FOREX market, making him a noteworthy personality in the global financial landscape.

  • Net Worth: $5 Million
  • Yearly Income: $250k
  • Monthly Income: $21k
  • Daily Income: $700
Steve Mauro
Steve Mauro

What is Market Maker’s ForEx Total Worth?

Market Maker’s ForEx, a prominent player in the Financial intermediary sector, stands out as a rapidly growing entity with a rich history spanning many years. Specializing in the Market Maker field, the company has successfully carved a niche for itself with a team comprising seasoned professionals possessing extensive expertise.

The company’s commitment to excellence and proficiency is evident in its impressive track record. As a testament to its financial strength, recent statistics reveal that Market Maker’s ForEx boasts a substantial net worth of 25 million dollars. This noteworthy figure not only underscores the company’s robust financial standing but also positions it as a formidable force in the market.

The firm’s success can be attributed to its strategic vision, diligent workforce, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. As Market Maker’s ForEx continues to thrive, it remains a key player in the financial landscape, contributing significantly to the dynamics of the Market Maker industry.

Year Net Assets Growth (By year)
2024 $25 Million 25%
2023 $20 million 21.21%
2022 $16.5 Million Unknown Past Year

At a Glance About Steve Mauro

Real Name Steve Mauro
Nick Name Steve Mauro
Profession Owner of Market Maker’s ForEx
Age 43 Years
Height In feet: 5’8”
Weight In Kilograms: 61 kg
Relationship Not Found
Children Not Found
Parents Info Not available
Facebook ID https://www.facebook.com/steve.mauro.395/
Instagram ID https://www.instagram.com/stevemauro/
Whatsapp Number Not Found
Twitter Account https://twitter.com/stevemaurommfx
Linkedin Account https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevemauro/

Family & Early life

Steve Mauro had the privilege of experiencing a beautiful early life enriched with love, companionship, and a passion for learning. Growing up, he cherished spending time both with his friends and his tight-knit family, finding joy and fulfillment in the bonds they shared. It was during these formative years that his interest in the world of elite trading and foreign exchange, FOREX, began to take root.

Even in his youth, Steve displayed a remarkable level of discipline and dedication, traits that would undoubtedly shape his future endeavors. Surrounded by the warmth of his loving family, he found solace and inspiration, fostering an environment where growth and exploration were encouraged.

Their leisure time was often marked by memorable trips and adventures, further strengthening the bonds that held the Mauro family together. Through these experiences, Steve Mauro laid the foundation for a life characterized by ambition, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Steve Mauro Wife

Steve Mauro is blessed with a remarkable companion in his life journey. His wife, a beacon of beauty and unwavering support, stands as a testament to his fortune. Together, they form a partnership that transcends mere companionship, for they are each other’s pillars through the highs and lows of existence. In the tapestry of their shared experiences, they weave a narrative of solidarity and encouragement, always bolstering one another’s spirits in every conceivable circumstance.

Their bond is not merely one of convenience, but a profound connection rooted in mutual respect and admiration. Through thick and thin, they navigate the twists and turns of life’s unpredictable terrain hand in hand, their unwavering support for each other serving as an anchor amidst the tumultuous seas of existence.

In the embrace of their love, Steve finds solace and strength, knowing that with his wife by his side, no challenge is insurmountable. Together, they embody the essence of a harmonious partnership, where love, support, and understanding flourish abundantly, enriching their lives with immeasurable joy and fulfillment. Indeed, Steve is indeed a fortunate soul to have such a wonderful companion by his side, a wife whose unwavering presence lights up his world with boundless love and support.


Steve Mauro’s educational journey is marked by excellence and a passion for business and management. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Business and Management from Eckerd College, showcasing brilliant academic results that reflected his dedication to his studies. Beyond the confines of the classroom, Steve’s enthusiasm for learning extended to co-curricular activities during his free time.

Engaging in various extracurricular pursuits, he not only excelled academically but also demonstrated a holistic approach to education. Teachers admired him not just for his academic achievements but also for his active participation in co-curricular endeavors. It was during his educational years that Steve began to contemplate his true passion. Harnessing his insights and knowledge gained from his academic pursuits, he embarked on a journey into the world of finance and trading.

Steve Mauro’s post-education career saw the inception of Elite Trader, where he ventured into the role of a Market Maker. This transition from academia to entrepreneurship reflects his determination to translate his educational foundation into real-world success, making a mark in the financial landscape as an astute and visionary trader.

Professional Life

Steve Mauro has carved out a remarkable niche for himself as one of the foremost figures in the world of elite trading and forex expertise. With an illustrious career spanning years of dedication and perseverance, Mauro stands as a testament to the power of hard work and passion in achieving one’s professional dreams.

As the owner of Market Maker’s Forex, he has not only achieved unparalleled success but has also become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring traders worldwide. Mauro’s journey to the top has been marked by unwavering commitment and an unyielding dedication to his craft. His relentless pursuit of excellence and his unwavering determination to follow his passion have set him apart in an industry known for its rigorous demands and unforgiving nature.

Through his expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Mauro has not only established himself as a leading authority in forex trading but has also garnered respect and admiration from his peers and followers alike. His story serves as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and the boundless potential that lies within those who dare to chase their dreams with unwavering resolve.


In conclusion, Steve Mauro’s impressive net worth of $5 million stands as a testament to his expertise and success as an elite trader in the FOREX market. Through his dedication and skill, he has carved out a lucrative career in retail trading, consistently generating substantial income from his professional endeavors.

Mauro’s financial achievements underscore his proficiency in navigating the complexities of the trading world, positioning him as a notable figure in the industry. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring traders, highlighting the potential for substantial financial gains through strategic trading practices and unwavering commitment to mastering the markets.

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