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Justin Korsant, a prominent figure in the realm of investment management and portfolio planning, commands admiration as the Chief Executive Officer of Long Light Capital. With a stellar career marked by astute financial acumen, Korsant has amassed considerable wealth through his profession, positioning himself as a leading figure in the industry.

His remarkable success serves as a testament to his expertise and dedication, culminating in a substantial net worth reflective of his accomplishments. Today we’re going to cover Justin Korsant net worth, Personal Life, wife, age, height, and other interesting facts.

Justin Korsant Net Worth

Justin Korsant is a distinguished figure in the realm of investment management and portfolio planning, recognized for his expertise and dedication in the field. Holding the esteemed position of Chief Executive Officer at Long Light Capital, Korsant exemplifies unwavering commitment to his profession. Renowned for his astute decision-making and strategic acumen, he navigates the complex landscape of financial markets with precision and finesse.

Korsant’s journey to success is marked by diligence and perseverance, traits that have propelled him to the upper echelons of the finance industry. With an illustrious career spanning years of meticulous analysis and steadfast leadership, Korsant has amassed a net worth of approximately $5 million, a testament to his proficiency and proficiency in generating wealth.

His wealth not only reflects his financial prowess but also underscores his unwavering dedication to delivering optimal results for his clients and stakeholders. As Korsant continues to chart new territories and expand his professional horizons, his net worth stands as a symbol of his relentless pursuit of excellence in the dynamic world of investment management.

  • Net Worth: $5 Million
  • Yearly Income: $250k
  • Monthly Income: $21k
  • Daily Income: $700
Justin Korsant
Justin Korsant

What is Long Light Capital Total Worth?

Long Light Capital, a stalwart in the dynamic realm of Investment Management, stands out as a beacon of financial acumen and stability. Boasting over 15 years of unwavering commitment and expertise in navigating the intricacies of the financial markets, Long Light Capital has etched its name as a growing force in the industry.

At the helm of this thriving enterprise is a team of seasoned professionals whose wealth of experience amplifies the company’s ability to make astute investment decisions. The foundation of their success lies in a meticulous approach, blending industry insight with a forward-thinking strategy. Recent statistics reveal that Long Light Capital’s financial prowess is nothing short of impressive, with a net worth soaring to a substantial 20 million dollars.

This formidable figure is a testament to the company’s adept management, strategic foresight, and a client-centric ethos that prioritizes sustainable growth. As Long Light Capital continues to chart an upward trajectory, its total worth not only reflects its current financial standing but also foreshadows a promising future as a dominant player in the ever-evolving landscape of Investment Management.

Year Net Assets Growth (By year)
2024 $20 Million 27.91%
2023 $16 million 34.375%
2022 $13 Million Unknown Past Year

At a Glance About Justin Korsant


Real Name Justin Korsant
Nick Name Justin Korsant
Profession Chief Executive Officer of Long Light Capital
Age 33 Years
Height In feet: 5’8”
Weight In Kilograms: 62 kg
Relationship Not Found
Children Not Found
Parents Info Not available
Facebook ID Not Found
Instagram ID https://www.instagram.com/jfkorsant/
Whatsapp Number Not Found
Twitter Account Not Found
Linkedin Account https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-korsant-0a08a3133/

Family & Early life

Justin Korsant’s family and early life paint a vivid picture of a beautiful and fulfilling journey. From his earliest years, Justin exhibited a deep love for spending time with both friends and family, fostering strong bonds that would shape his life. This intrinsic connection with his loved ones laid the foundation for a harmonious family life that he cherishes to this day.

Justin’s passion for Investment Management and Portfolio planning became apparent from an early age, setting him on a trajectory towards a successful and fulfilling career. His disciplined nature, cultivated from his formative years, played a pivotal role in shaping his work ethic and approach to life. Beyond his individual pursuits, Justin’s family has been a constant source of joy and support.

Together, they share a love for leisurely trips, creating lasting memories that serve as a testament to the strength of their familial bonds. The Korsant family’s commitment to each other and their shared experiences reflect the richness of Justin’s early life, contributing to the remarkable individual he has become.

Justin Korsant Wife

Justin Korsant is truly fortunate to have a wife who not only complements his life but also stands as a pillar of unwavering support in every facet of their journey together. Her beauty radiates not just in appearance but also in the depths of her compassion and understanding. Their bond is one built on mutual respect and an unbreakable partnership.

Through thick and thin, they stand by each other’s side, navigating life’s challenges hand in hand. Justin acknowledges that his achievements wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering encouragement and guidance of his wife. She is not just a partner but also his confidante, his rock, his source of strength in moments of doubt.

Theirs is a relationship that exemplifies the true essence of partnership, where each uplifts and empowers the other to strive for excellence in both personal and professional realms. Justin cherishes every moment spent with his wife, knowing that with her by his side, there’s nothing they cannot overcome together.


Justin Korsant’s educational journey embodies a commitment to excellence and a passion for learning that has defined his career trajectory. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Economics from the esteemed University of Miami, Justin distinguished himself with outstanding academic achievements. His dedication to his studies was evident in his consistently impressive results, reflecting his deep understanding of economic principles and analytical prowess.

However, Justin’s pursuits extended beyond the classroom as he actively engaged in co-curricular activities during his free time, demonstrating a well-rounded approach to personal and professional development. It was during these moments that his teachers witnessed not only his academic prowess but also his exceptional interpersonal skills and leadership potential, endearing him to all who knew him.

It was during his formative years in education that Justin began to contemplate his true passions, eventually leading him to embark on a career path in Investment Management and Portfolio Planning. With a solid foundation in economics and a keen awareness of his interests, Justin embraced this new chapter with enthusiasm and determination, channeling his academic achievements and extracurricular experiences into a successful career trajectory.

Today, Justin Korsant stands as a testament to the power of education to shape individuals and ignite their professional aspirations, embodying a relentless pursuit of excellence and a steadfast commitment to realizing his dreams.

Professional Life

Justin Korsant stands as a luminary in the realm of Investment Management and Portfolio Planning, his name synonymous with success and astute leadership. With a career marked by strategic vision and unwavering dedication, Korsant has carved a path that exemplifies excellence. Holding pivotal roles as a Board Member of Dogtopia and Quovo, he has not only contributed to the growth and innovation of these organizations but has also left an indelible mark on the industry as a whole.

However, it is in his current position as the Chief Executive Officer of Long Light Capital that Korsant truly shines. His ascent to this prestigious role is a testament to his relentless work ethic and his steadfast commitment to his craft. Every step of his journey reflects a deep-seated passion for his work, driving him to push boundaries and challenge conventions.

Korsant’s leadership is characterized by a rare blend of foresight, resilience, and empathy, qualities that have earned him the admiration and respect of colleagues and competitors alike. In an ever-evolving landscape, he remains steadfast in his pursuit of excellence, continually striving to innovate and redefine industry standards. Justin Korsant’s professional trajectory serves as both an inspiration and a blueprint for aspiring leaders, showcasing the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and purpose in the pursuit of success.


In conclusion, Justin Korsant’s net worth stands at an impressive $5 million, a testament to his success as an Investment Management and Portfolio Planner. Through his dedication and expertise in his field, he has amassed considerable wealth derived from his professional endeavors. His financial achievements underscore the value of diligent planning and strategic investment, positioning him as a noteworthy figure in the realm of wealth management.

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